Mistakes that Freelancers Usually Commit

Freelancing has been popular in the you since the last few years when we saw the rage in technology and advancements. Many people opt for freelancing beside their job, college and some also take it as a full time work and as their occupation. Nowadays even the clients either it be the companies or the individuals prefer to get their work done by freelancers and the main reason behind this is that getting the same work done by the organization would cost much more as compared to a freelancer.

Rather there a few factors that you need to look after while you are freelancing otherwise you can have a bad experience in a lot many ways. Here are few listed mistakes that freelancers usually commit.

  1. Take the Project without analyzing the potential : This usually happens when the freelancer take the project without even knowing the details and the potential of the project, whether they would be the able to complete the project or not. They just want to bag themselves with the project, so all they care is to get the deal done.


  1. Take more projects than they can handle : Many of the freelancers are in a hurry to get more and more projects done and make more money in a shorter time span. You are working hard with the project and trying to get it done sooner, that’s really fair but you always need to take care about the quality of the product cause the client won’t be satisfied until you provide them a goo quality products.


  1. Keeping the clients in queue : Another bad habit for a freelancer cause wasting someone’s time is not a good idea. If you are already working on a project, you should make it clear to the other client and also mention the time when you will start working on their project.


  1. Unusual Manner of Payment : You should always demand proper amount as per the different phases of the product. You must avoid demanding unusual amount money at unusual stages like you have demanded 50% of the total amount while you have just started working on the project.


  1. Working without pre-payment : You should just “never” “ever” commit this mistake. Yup, start the work but after completion of maximum 25% to 30% of the work demand for the initial payment and do not continue the work you are not paid. Sometimes you will feel that you can lose the project but more importantly you can also get your work wasted. Undoubtedly there are a few clients who cheat the freelancers, they either take your work and don’t pay or just back off when you are done with the major part of the project.


  1. Submitting Entire Source Code before Complete Payment : If you are freelance developer either it be of mobile applications or website, do not submit the source code until you are done with the payment.


  1. Not focusing on Enhancing their Skills : Mostly the freelancers are too much busy with working on projects and earning, that they forget to learn new things and enhance their skills. One should never stop learning, cause knowledge is what pays you off.




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