The Perks Of Working in an Startup

You are always free to express your views to everyone: Working on something and an idea crop up feel free to share to anyone around there either it be the team leader or the founder, your ideas are always welcomed.Even sometimes if your ideas are good enough and holds potential then they are also considered and given a shot. This is the best place where you can develop your logical as well as analytical skills.


You have a wonderful work environment: You are surrounded by the creative people and everywhere around you, lies the colorful pages, coffee mugs, gadgets and the most important is the working enthusiasts that makes you work even harder.Sometimes a few beers is considered for some energy nap.At times when you are out of your enthusiastic zone and discouraged, there are always people around to encourage you and tap on your shoulders.


The founder is never like the “North Star”: The founder is most of the time sitting right in front of you handing you the coffee mug after every few hours. You can also beat him off in Counter Strike while shedding of the workload together. He is always encouraging and supporting even in teh situation when you cannot stand out for something.


Eat Out and Parties are too often: Every now then you are out with the other members for having dinner and you are never scared having the “chicken kadhai” on your table as you aren’t the one paying the bill. Enjoy it LOUD! Beer parties are too often.While being in there you all are like a part of a family, you work together, have fun together, share your hardships and supports each other.


Best Place for Learning: No doubts, while working in a startup you will learn a lot of new things. You are usually around creative and enthusiastic people and it will be one your best work experience. You come across many situations when you need to have a backup plan and manage things even in the abrupt situations, you will learn to manage things up.


Experience working as a Team is great: Working around with other co-workers makes you understand the perfect co-ordinationamong the team members. You come up with a lot of solution for almost everything working together.


It sets your Life Goal: Sometimes working in an start up makes you understand the ambiguity in your life and help you carve the perfect carrier goal for your future.Till the end of the internship your carrier choices would most probably be clear to you and you must be able to take decisions regarding the next steps towards achieveing your goals.


At last, but not the least try working in an start-up or try for sn internship, it will teach you life lessons and for sure you will enjoy the work you do and will have one of the best memorable working experience.


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